Friday, November 12, 2010

Interview: Richard Jacques (007 Blood Stone)

Interview: Richard Jacques

Recorded November 1, 2010
Published November 12, 2010

Composer Richard Jacques speaks about his latest project, 007 BLOOD STONE.

Episode Highlights

00:20 - Introduction
01:30 - How did you pitch a live orchestra for Headhunter?
03:52 - Dealing with budget restrictions
04:55 - Samples vs. live instruments
06:50 - How samples have affected younger composers' styles and the importance of education?
09:15 - What was it like working on a team for Mass Effect?
10:38 - Working on Alice in Wonderland, the sound and style?
11:29 - How do you bring a fresh voice to a franchise with such a rich history of interpretations??
13:21 - How did you get involved with the Blood Stone project??
15:45 - Did you use any familiar themes??
16:50 - The Bond "style" and making Blood Stone a classic Bond score?
18:27 - What elements are you most proud of? What will the fans enjoy?
20:04 - What is it about scoring for games that attracts you?
21:40 - How does the progress of technology affect your work process?
23:06 - Middleware technology, audio implementation
23:31 - Years of experience and sharing with the industry community
25:56 - What are your views on the trend of having film composers score games?
25:53 - Unifying the stature of game and film music; not distinct styles; more creative freedom
27:55 - Predictions for the future of game audio and its technology

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 - "Ready for Action" (Headhunter) by Richard Jacques
01:03 - "Greywolf" (Headhunter) by Richard Jacques
10:23 - "The Citadel" (Mass Effect) by Richard Jacques/Jack Wall/Sam Hulick
17:55 - "The Package" (James Bond 007: Blood Stone) by Richard Jacques?
29:28 - "Athens Harbour Chase" (James Bond 007: Blood Stone) by Richard Jacques

Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview: Mark Griskey (The Force Unleashed 2)

Interview: Mark Griskey

Recorded October 4, 2010
Published November 8, 2010

Composer Mark Griskey talks about returning to score THE FORCE UNLEASHED, how the music for the franchise has evolved since the first game, and what it was like working on this project at the same time as STAR WAR: THE OLD REPUBLIC.

Episode Highlights

00:44 - Introduction
02:59 - What was it like coming back to this franchise?
06:09 - The time-crunch challenge
08:15 - Twitter Question #1 - What familiar music themes do you employ?
12:08 - How do you handle fan expectations for Star Wars music?
15:51 - Twitter Question #2 - How do you tell the story through your music?
18:55 - How did you feel at the completion of The Force Unleashed 2 compared to the first?
24:05 - Working on TFU and Star Wars: The Old Republic at the same time.
16:08 - Twitter Question #3 - Adapting to Game scoring
17:17 - Biggest creative challenge?
18:10 - Dealing with franchise pressures
19:09 - Looking forward to more game projects?

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 - "Main Title and the Test Chamber" (The Force Unleashed 2) by Mark Griskey
07:40 - "Escape from Kamino"  (The Force Unleashed 2) by Mark Griskey
08:38 - "Discovering Dagobah and the Cave" (The Force Unleashed 2) by Mark Griskey
14:30 - "Assault on Kamino" (The Force Unleashed 2) by Mark Griskey
23:11 - "The Hanging City" (The Force Unleashed 2) by Mark Griskey
29:42 - "The Reunion of Juno and Starkiller" (The Force Unleashed 2) by Mark Griskey