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Episode 64 - "Happy Birthday, James Horner"

Episode 64 - "Happy Birthday, James Horner"
In celebration of composer James Horner's birthday (8/14), Tim Burden (Movie Magic) and Doug Adams (Music of The Lord of the Rings) join the full crew to discuss the prolific composer's works: the good, the overrated, and the underrated.  Also, catch up on what the Tracksounds team has been listening to of late!

Episode Highlights

01:40 - Welcome
04:25 - WHYBLT? Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Once Upon a Time, Demolition Man
09:00 - WHYBLT? Summer in February, The Conjuring, Missouri Breaks, Christopher Gunning
13:24 - WHYBLT? Attack on Titan, Planes, Elysium
21:25 - WHYBLT? The Great Gatsby, The 25th Reich
30:03 - Happy Birthday, James Horner (guest Doug Adams)
33:02 - The first James Horner Score that caught our ears
40:13 - The Overrated
56:25 - The Underratted
75:34 - The Great Horner Controversy
96:51 - Top recommended scores from James Horner
103:50 - What will James Horner's Legacy Be?
112:34 - Wrap up and contact

Music Selections

00:00 - James Horner Mix (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Star Trek 2, Titanic, The Rocketeer)
04:32 - "Main titles" (Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters) by Andrew Lockington
09:07 - "Lamona" (Summer in February) by Benjamin Wallfisch
13:30 - "XL-TT" (Attack on Titan) by Hiroyuki Sawano
16:32 - "Planes" (Planes) by Mark Mancina
18:42 - "Fire and Water" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
21:30 - "Hotel Sayre" (The Great Gatsby) by Craig Armstrong
24:52 - "Opening" (The 25th Reich) by Ricky Edwards
26:00 - "The 25th Reich March" (The 25th Reich) by Ricky Edwards
29:30 - "Sons of Scotland" (Braveheart) by James Horner
33:26 - "Main Titles" (The Rocketeer) by James Horner
34:16 - "The Ludlows" (Legends of the Fall) by James Horner
35:16 - "A Call to Arms" (Glory) by James Horner
36:22 - "Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven" (Avatar) by James Horner
34:46 - "Casper's Lullaby" (Casper) by James Horner
38:53 - "End Titles" (Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn) by James Horner
40:33 - "Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven" (Avatar) by James Horner
45:50 - "Southampton" (Titanic) by James Horner
51:12 - "Futile Escape" (Aliens) by James Horner
57:55 - "End Credits" (The Land Before Time) by James Horner
62:20 - "Main Titles" (Sneakers) by James Horner
66:14 - "Remember" (Troy) by James Horner
69:14 - " A Return to the Caspian, And to the Iran of Old" (House of Sand and Fog) by James Horner
72:58 - "Coming Home from the Sea" (The Perfect Storm) by James Horner
73:25 - "Lookout Point/ End Credits" (A Man Without a Face) by James Horner
74:14 - "Main Title" (All The King's Men) by James Horner
97:54 - "Main Titles" (The Rocketeer) by James Horner
99:36 - "The Wedding" (Deep Impact) by James Horner
100:08 - "Closing Credits" (A Beautiful Mind) by James Horner
102:36 - "Epilogue - End Credits" (Searching for Bobby Fischer) by James Horner
114:35 - "Titanic Suite" (Titanic And Other Film Scores by James Horner) Varese Sarabande

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Tim J. Burden

Doug Adams

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Interview: Ryan Amon (Elysium)

Interview: Ryan Amon (Elyisum)

Composer Ryan Amon, composer of the original score for ELYSIUM, dives deeper into the incredible story of how this project all started with an email from director Neil Blomkamp, the unique amount of creative freedom given to him to write and his experience in recording at Abbey Road Studios.  He also talks about writing for a feature film versus production/trailer music...with a surprising take.

Episode Highlights

00:20 - Introduction
01:37 - What happened after "that email?"
06:12 - Scoring blind?
08:19 - Was was the arc for the development of the score?
10:35 - In writing trailer music, were you looking to get your music "discovered?"
16:24 - What was your biggest challenge for you with Elysium?
17:30 - The Abbey Road Studio experience
21:34 - District 9 parallels

Music Selections

00:00 - "Deportation" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
15:46 - "Elysium" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
25:45 - "New Heaven, New Earth" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
27:46 - "Fire Up The Shuttle" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon

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Ryan Amon - The Official Website

Special thanks to Albert Tello (Costa Communications).

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Episode 63 - Pacific Rim

Episode 63 - Pacific Rim
Kristen Romanelli joins Christopher, Marius, and Helen to talk about Guillermo del Toro's latest film PACIFIC RIM and composer Ramin Djawadi's energetic score.  Each shares what they've been listening to lately and we dive into some listerner feedback from iTunes.

Episode Highlights

00:27 - Intro and Welcome...back
03:30 - Listener Feedback from iTunes
06:21 - Reach out and TuneIn
08:02 - WHYBLT? Turbo, Green Lantern Vol. 2, Skyrim, The Fountain
13:13 - WHYBLT? Lone Ranger, World War Z, Mama
17:23 - WHYBLT? The Wolverine, White House Down
20:51 - Pacific Rim: Movie Talk (spoilers)
27:00 - Pacific Rim: What We Liked (spoilers)
40:24 - Pacific Rim: What We Didn't Like (spoilers)
55:16 - Pacific Rim: How Score Worked in Film
61:54 - Pacific Rim: How Score Works on CD and Ranking
68:51 - Pay Money and Brand Awareness

Music Selections

00:00 - "Pacific Rim" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
08:33 - "Supersnail" (Turbo) by Henry Jackman
09:08 - "Igniting Ceremony" (Green Lantern/Animated Vol 2) by Fredrick Wiedmann
11:37 - "Dragonborn" (Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim) by Jeremy Soule
13:20 - "Absurdity" (The Lone Ranger) by Hans Zimmer
14:27 - "Philadelphia" (World War Z) by Marco Beltrami
17:32 - "A Walk in the Woods" (The Wolverine) by Marco Beltrami
18:42 - "Birdfeeder" (White House Down) by Thomas Wander & Harald Kloser
20:20 - "We Are The Resistence" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
54:43 - "For My Family" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
56:28 - "2500 Tons of Awesome" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
65:25 - "Driving with the Top Down" (Iron Man) by Ramin Djawadi
71:36 - "Pacific Rim" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi

Other notes:

Kristen Romanelli